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Real Alliance Network Blog | December 15, 2017

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RAN: Week 2 Recap (Feb 13-18th 2017)

RAN: Week 2 Recap (Feb 13-18th 2017)

Hi guys, happy weekend.. This week we made some progress and the program is getting better and better with more members upgrading their accounts.

This week sees growth of some of our members as they made level 2.. Just yesterday, we had one of the best days of growth for our members. Three members Femi Adeosi Stephen, Ogunwale Mutiu Mayowa and Kelvin Adikwu made level 2.

Some guys who were on level 2 also got more downlines and some are getting closer to level 3.. (Brand New Laptop Loading)…

We shared some great products this week also.. We shared great products on list building (Supersonic List Machine.), domain flipping (Public Domain Ninja), traffic generation for affiliate marketing (Traffic System 2.0) and Facebook ads strategies for building lists (Facebook Case Study)….

These are great products that teach you a lot about different areas of internet marketing..

To grow as a marketer, you need a lot of skills.. The top internet marketers did not get to where they are without learning stuffs. A lot of these guys spent a fortune to acquire their knowledge..

At RAN, all you need to spend is $30 to pick the brains of the top marketers around the world.. With $30 you learn anything you want to learn on every area of marketing. No reason to want to buy anymore internet product..

I know a lot of guys who spend more that on buying snacks for their girlfriends every weekend.. So if you cant afford $30 to gain knowledge and make money at the same time, then there is something wrong with you..

Here you learn and get a chance to earn money as an affiliate of the program.. All you got to do is join, upgrade and invite others..

We will be bringing more products to you everyday.. If you have upgraded your account, just login everyday and download the day’s product.. Read and watch the videos and you will add to your knowledge everyday..

If you have not upgraded your account, do so now to start raking in commissions.. Do that at

Hope you guys have a great weekend..

RAN Support Team



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