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Real Alliance Network Blog | December 15, 2017

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How to Get Leads with Email Marketing

How to Get Leads with Email Marketing

One great promotional method you can use to get lots of downlines is the use of email marketing..

Email marketing is so effective that its been rated as one of the best promotional methods.. It is effective because its highly targeted because you can reach those who wants you to reach them by sending a personalized message to them.

With email marketing, there is no gambling. No throwing and posting messages everywhere to see where it sticks.. Its better than most promotional methods out there.

At Real Alliance Network, we have made it easy for you to promote your referral links with email marketing. We have tools you could use.

In your dashboard, there is a menu called “Newsletters” and another called “Tell Friends”. You can use any of the two methods to reach people.

You can copy that newsletter and share it with your fans, subscribers and friends. Just make sure you add your affiliate links where necessary.

This is good if you have a large lists and you use any of the email marketing software or companies to reach people.

The “Tell Friends” feature is a direct messaging feature that was added recently.

We have a message already written out for you. In the sending form area, you can add the name of your friend.. First name, last name and email address.

You don’t have to anything other than fill the fields and send. You can send to 10 friends at once.

But NOTE.. Do not spam otherwise our system messages will be flagged as spam..

The best way to take advantage of email marketing if you don’t have a ready list is to go to Facebook and tell your friends about something that you think will change their life. Be creative about this. Then ask them to drop their email address to get the information.

Copy their emails and their Facebook names. Go in and fill the fields one by one and send to only those who indicated interest..

Your affiliate link is already attached in the message so you are good to go..

If you have large email list, use the newsletter template provided instead..

So folks these are 2 good ways to use email marketing to promote your affiliate links…

RAN Support Team

P.S.. If you have not upgraded your account, you won’t have access to all these. You won’t be able to see your affiliate links or download products.. You wont be able to earn commissions..

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