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Real Alliance Network Blog | December 15, 2017

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How To Promote Your Real Alliance Network Referral Links with a Website

How To Promote Your Real Alliance Network Referral Links with a Website

One of the best ways to promote your RAN referral links or any affiliate links for that matter is to promote it on your website or blog.

For this method of promotion, your content is the driving force of your business and it is where you will be placing your affiliate links.

There are two ways to go about this.. You can create a review website for any product you want to promote or just create a blog post on the product on any existing site…

You can create a review site and make the whole content on the site about the product. For example, you can create a review website on Real Alliance Network and write content on the program. Create different pages to cover different parts of the program like the “commission structure”, “how it works”, “products” etc. A simple 1-5 page website is enough

If you have an existing website that is all about making money online or affiliate marketing or network marketing, you can create a post on how to make money with Real Alliance network. Make sure that the post is indepth and covers what people need to know about the program.

How to Create a Website..

You can Create a website using any of the numerous WYSIWYG platforms like
— Wix
— Weebly
— Strikingly
— Squarespace
— Blogger
— Tumblr
— Shopify*
— etc

You can use blogger for example if you want to get a free hosting. If you want to host your own website, you can use WordPress and get a domain name and hosting. Install a theme and add content to the site.

To add your affiliate link to your website, On WordPress, all you have to do to add a link is to highlight the text you want to place your link on, click the “link” button and insert the link there.

Make sure you have some blog posts up and ready before you start adding affiliate links to your site. This will show the world that your blog is not just there to make sales, but to inform and educate on a particular subject (i.e your blog niche).

You can add as many links as possible but don’t overdo this. Nobody wants to read a blog post or pages with links all over the place. You can cloak your affiliate links with any link cloaking tool like…

On your website, you can add your affiliate links within blog posts as a text link, in sidebar banner ads or in an image within the content.

If you can get a 1000 visitors a week, some percentage of it will convert to a sale, for sure. Every time, without fail.

So we encourage you to set up a website today and write an indepth tutorial on how Real Alliance Network works. This is one of the best ways to grow your downlines and make more money as an affiliate.



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