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Real Alliance Network Blog | December 15, 2017

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How to Share and Promote Your Affiliate Link

How to Share and Promote Your Affiliate Link
RAN Team

The best way to make it with affiliate marketing is to promote your affiliate links as best as you can. The more people see your affiliate links, the better your chances of recruiting affiliates or downlines.

In this post, we are going to share with you some ways you can spread your Real Alliance Network links around. This will help you recruit as many downlines as possible.

Write a Viral eBook on the Subject

One of the best ways to make it with any affiliate network is to write something about it and give it out for free. You can write about Real Alliance Network program and how it works, add your Real Alliance Network affiliate links and give out the eBook on social media sites, your website/blog, free eBook download sites etc..

Give a Paid Product for Free

This is a good way to get people to sign up for anything you want them to sign up for. If you have a product you are selling on your own site or through third party websites, you can give away the product for free to your subscribers in exchange for signing up through your links.

This is a great way to get many downlines especially when you have lots of followers or subscribers on your site or on social media.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great source for getting lots of downlines or affiliates. Social media contribute to successes of many affiliate marketing these days. You can always take advantage of the top social media sites that have millions of members.

Facebook Profile:Facebook is the top dog when it comes to social media sites. You can spread your affiliate links on your Facebook profile to your friends and their friends.

Facebook Groups:Facebook groups is another way to spread your affiliate links. Join as many Facebook groups as possible and promote your affiliate links in the group. Its advisable that you don’t spam groups with your links. Make sure you Join relevant groups only.

Facebook Page: You can create a Facebook page to posts about Real Alliance Network. Facebook page is a great source of traffic. Post on your page and post on other people’s pages.

Twitter: This is one of the busiest social media sites. Twitter allows short messages so make sure you get your messages and links across in that 140 characters.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn has become a great source of traffic and you can always take advantage of this site. Create an account on LinkedIn and share posts and images about the program to get downlines.

Whatapp Groups: Whatsapp groups are great places to connect with friends and people you want to intruduce to the program. Its so effective because you can share whatever you want to share with everyone in the group. Its one of the best waysto get downlines

Website or Blog Post

If you have a website or blog, you can get lots of downlines to join you on Real Alliance Network via your affiliate link. Write a post on the program and link to the main site via your link. If you have a lot of readers, then your chances of success is huge.

Blog Comment

You can posts your links in blog comment sections of other blogs. Just make sure your comment is relevant to the posts and you have yourself a great source of traffic.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is also a great way to get downlines. There are many great video sites you can join or are already part. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo are the top video sites.

YouTube Series: YouTube has billions of visitors per month and its great site to spread your link. All it takes is a webcam or some information you can add to your video. You can create a video channel for this and add your affiliate links in your descriptions or over your video.

Other Video Sites: Take advantage of other sites like Vimeo, Metacafe etc.

Post in Relevant Forums

There are many forums out there that you can join to promote your affiliate links. Some forums allow you to add your affiliate link or banner to your signature.

Email Marketing

Of all marketers, affiliate marketers have some of the best reasons to build a list. If you have an email list or are ready to build one, we encourage you to take advantage of email marketing. Send out your affiliate link to your subscribers and encourage them to join the program.

You can offer a bonus to join or share a blog post you wrote about the program. If your subscribers trust you, most of the time, they will join what you want them to join.

Build a Hub

You can join other blogging platforms like Hubpages. Hubpages allows you to create any posts on topics you are passionate about. You can have your hub created, add your posts and add your links.

Paid Promotions

You can also promote your affiliate links by using paid promotions. Facebook ads is a reliable way to get many social media users to see your message and affiliate links. There are also banner ads networks as well that you can take advantage of.

Mass SMS

If you have lots of contacts, this is also a great way to get lots of people to join you. Just send everyone a messahe with a link to join you or a link to your special landing page.

Offline Promotion

You can also reach out to people you know by word of mouth or by giving out hand bills. You can get a lot of people to join you this way also.


Lesson Summary:

In this post you’ve learned some ways of getting your Real Alliance Network affiliate link out in front of an audience, such as…

  •     Giving out a Paid Product for Free
  •     Posting on personal blogs or websites
  •     Posting on Relevant forums
  •     Blog Commenting
  •     Writing a viral eBook or some other “viral” product
  •     Creating a YouTube video series
  •     Using email marketing
  •     Building a “Hub”
  •     Promoting affiliate products directly through pay-per-click advertisements
  •     Mass SMS
  •     Offline Promotion





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